Hey guys! Jordan here. I am new to the community and wanted to share a resource some colleagues and I recently created for search funders.

Our mission is to help search funds find deals faster and cheaper. Using our system:

1. you tell us what type of business you're looking for

2. we scour the internet to identify new business listings that fit your parameters

3. we scrape them, qualify them, and deliver them right to your inbox.

We know there are other resources out there, but our experience using these systems shows us that it's really hard to find quality business listings because there are so many bad listings.

Our big differentiators are quality and speed. We check each listing we pull before we send it to you so we won't spam you with deals that aren't relevant. We also send these quality deals to your inbox as soon as they hit the market, giving you first-mover advantage.

If this is interesting to anyone or if you have advice, we'd love to connect with you! Shoot a message to me [redacted]

check us out here:

Thanks! And happy searching :)