Hi All - In an effort to help SMB CEOs (including aspiring CEOs) in as many ways as I can, I've recently started a podcast, where I interview people far smarter and far more experienced than myself on topics that I suspect will be of interest to you.

In this first episode, I interview David Prusinski, who most recently spent 10 years as the EVP of Sales and Marketing at a high-growth software company, growing their annual revenues by ~25x, and achieving a ~50% revenue CAGR for 9 of his 10 years there. Among other pursuits, Dave has since served as a Revenue Coach for several SMBs to optimize their sales and revenue generation processes.

The episode can be accessed at any of the links below (all hyperlinked), depending on where you access your podcasts:

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I know some of you may not yet be at the point of building out sales teams quite yet, but as aspiring CEOs, I promise that you'll get there, and I can promise you that it's harder than you may think! For those who aren't yet running businesses, I hope that some of the insights contained within this conversation will help you during your Sales DD process.

I hope you derive something useful from listening. Please let me know if there's anything that I can do to make future episodes more tangible/practical/informative for you.