I would highly appreciate your thoughts and feedback on the below - thanks!!

Some context/facts:
- Started the search full-time in March (5 months ago)
- I've signed nearly 50 NDAs, 11 Promising deals, and submitted 2 LOIs
- I am not from the US, so the SBA path is complex for me (i.e., I am focusing on deals with $2-5M EBITDA and raising Mezz + Equity from Investors)
- I can self-fund until April 2024, so I would have to find, negotiate and sign an LOI by November###-###-#### months from now)

Key questions I have for you:
- What deal criteria should I prioritize? Smaller deals to increase # of potential LOIs?
- Should I raise Search Capital to buy me time to find the correct $2-5M EBITDA deal?

Thanks for your input!!