I am navigating deal boards in the lower middle market (<$10MM EBTIDA) and sought advice from the SF community on how to get the most out of them. Some disclaimers on my experience already:

** I know this is not the only way to search (although I know some searchers who have found great success with it ^Searchfunder member‌ ^Searchfunder member‌). I know that proprietary searches are an important avenue too.
** I recognize it depends on your target universe - the smaller the niche, the harder it is.
** I know it can get expensive with the Axials of the world (e.g. $1k per month) but also recognize it is not bad to spend money wisely on a better product. (^Searchfunder member‌ had a great share and notes BizBuySell Edge as a paid tool).‌

Thus, I would love to hear from others about their experience (NOTE: my search is in medical clinics / healthcare in the Southeast):

1. What are your favorite 2-3 boards you regularly monitor? I assume you set up automatic emails to make it easier.

2. What deal boards are you willing to pay to help you? (This is only about boards - not asking about intermediary searching services).

I would give a shout out to ^Searchfunder member‌/ BizNexus and ^Searchfunder member‌ / DueDilio for their great services in this world, which I can attest to personally. If useful to you, Roman also has a useful post on it here: https://thebusinessinquirer.substack.com/p/deal-sourcing-guide-by-tbi?s=w.

Thanks a lot! I am happy to share what I get back from the community with those interested. Marc