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This nationwide B2B climate-controlled delivery company boasts an impressive 85% repeat customer base! They are well-established, having occupied the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area for over 30 years. Food delivery makes up 90% of their revenue, and the other 10% is from warehousing. There is plenty of room for physical expansion in their 20,000 square foot facility – 18,800 sq. ft. of this space is for warehousing, with 1,200 sq. ft. being allotted for office space. The purchase of this business includes over $1.3M in assets, including nearly $700K in vehicles and equipment, along with $600K in working capital. In the business’s 30+ years of service, they have built up an excellent reputation and extremely experienced staff. The team is made up of 28 skilled employees: 3 team leads, 2 dispatchers, 13 long haul drivers, 4 local drivers, and 6 warehouse workers. The full team allows them to self-perform all of the deliveries; there are no outside contractors. The services provided are 100% B2B, serving food production companies all over the US. Some of these clients have been around since shortly after the company’s inception in 1989! Even with the heavy repeat client base, the revenue is widely distributed across several different clients, resulting in minimal customer concentration. They do consistently add new clients to the mix as well, allowing for year over year growth in revenue over the last several years. While both owners do have some involvement in the business, both are committed to seeing the business continue successfully and would be willing to stay on for 1-3 years post-close. During this time, they will train and transition the business to new ownership, while also finding and training any replacement needed. To further demonstrate their willingness to assist new ownership, they are open to a seller carry of 12.5%, which is above the industry standard of 10%. Priced at $2,950,000, this business is ready for new ownership to take over and continue the pattern of growth to build on their current long-standing legacy.

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