I started about a year ago in the search fund world to buy a business in the online gaming space. (Real money, regulated online sportsbooks, casino, poker, etc. where I have 25+ years of operating experience)

While I was searching I developed a side hustle of an online casino and sportsbook affiliate portal, theworldlybettor.com. I went through the arduous process (government background checks, fingerprints, last 5 years of tax returns, etc.) of getting licensed to operate as a casino vendor in 14 states, and signed contracts with 10 of the biggest online casinos and sportsbooks in the US. (Caesars, MGM DraftKings, etc.)

The business has begun to grow organically ($7k/month) through a small team of freelancers that I have working on content and some small ad campaigns...

What I am really looking for now is a joint venture partner who has extensive experience in digital marketing. Meaning they understand paid ads, PPC, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing to help scale this business to $250k/month revenue in the next 12 months. (This is very achievable)

I put together a deck and would be happy to share with you if you're interested. Just PM me.

Thank you in advance for any support and advice that you might share. (I love this search funder community for that...)