I started my self-funded search[redacted]years ago with intentions of finding an established business to purchase and operate. On November 18,2019 my search ended but not the way I initially anticipated.

I met some great great investors through this community along the way and built some solid relationships. I had a deal under LOI soon after beginning the process with a partner. That deal fell through like so many deals that we see and hear about.

I maintained contact with almost all the investors that I dealt with early on in the process. I used this as an opportunity to learn and to show them what value I brought to the table. The goodwill and credibility grew from this steadily.

Paul Bennett III from Southern Spear out of Winston-Salem was one of these investors. He reached out to me about a possible venture that was being funded. The relationship that we had already established allowed me an opportunity to join this company as President and General Manager. So, if you're searching and have a deal that falls through, continue to build goodwill and credibility with your investors. You never know when they;ll have a deal or a venture that requires an established operator.

I couldn't be happier with how things have worked out. It was nowhere close to how I envisioned things when this started. That's the beauty of this community and website.