I decided to go on hiatus from the livestreams this summer so that I could focus on writing the guidebook for the Nuts & Bolts program and working on special projects like the reading list and perks/discounts page. Then, during the Fall, I put the live stream sessions on hiatus again due to the various EtA conferences.

Although it was much longer than I anticipated, I am glad I did the hiatus because the most common question I received was when/if the live streams would resume -- which was validation that they are still needed. Also, I gained greater confidence in what topics would interest you most. So, please mark your calendars for these December sessions:

* Question & answer session about the Nuts & Bolts program

* So, what happens when you become a CEO? The guests will be ^Searchfunder member‌ and ^Searchfunder member‌ who were sponsored by Novastone Capital.

* Black women in EtA Happy Hour with ^Searchfunder member

* UK Searcher Brainstorm

* Aloha Happy Hour with ^Searchfunder member‌ (in person)

Searchfunder subscribers may register through the Searchfunder calendar for free, Non-subscribers, please register through my events page.