Ever since I was a kid, I have always wanted to be a business owner and an entrepreneur like my father. After college, I set out to cut my chops in the corporate world to build up my skills and experience necessary to one-day fulfill my dream. However, the longer I stayed in corporate America, the harder it became to leave, and I wondered if I would have to abandon my dream of business ownership. Then, after 11 years with the same company, after having moved coast-to-coast for them, they decided they no longer needed me.

After the initial shock and frustration wore off, I went to work to educate myself on what would be necessary to enter the world of business ownership. I explored franchising opportunities, I read up on small business acquisition and searchfunds and the Buy The Build philosophy written about by Walker Deibel. I met with other "searchers" and tried to get as much feedback about the space as I could. I ultimately enrolled in Walker Deibel and Chelsea Wood's Acquisition Lab where I was introduced to a community of like-minded acquisition entrepreneurs and given a world-class education on what it takes to buy a small business.

Exactly six months after enrolling in the Acquisition Lab, I closed on my first business detailed here. It has been an amazing journey and I have met some incredible people along the way. None of this would have been possible without the support of my wife, who sacrificed and worked countless extra weekends to help support us through my search. I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to have closed on such an amazing business so quickly. I'm so excited to get to work on building North Texas Trailers into North Texas's premier trailer dealership.

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