Hey all,

I got agreement from my sellers to create a client satisfaction survey and select a list of customers for them to send it to. I thought I'd share my experience here in case it is useful for others.

I tried a couple tools in my old life and never really liked them, but for this project I decided to use sogosurvey.com which is so much more fully-featured than you would guess from the name. They have a free plan that limits identification, volume and some analytics, none of which mattered that much to me.

Here are the questions I included. Some will be particular to industry or your target, and you can set a list of values for each of these in your own survey. This should take each respondent less than 5 minutes to complete and picks up on some (non-scientific) aspects of satisfaction, retention, channel effectiveness, and referral effectiveness.

1. What type of organization do you work for? (I listed the different primary client types they serve)
2. Which of the following services have you purchased from [Target Name]? (list your product/service lines)
3. When did you first begin working with [Target Name? (radio list of relevant durations for your target)
4. How did you select [Target Name]? (list your primary sales channels)
5.Overall, how satisfied are you with [Target Name] (five point scale slider)
6. In particular, what is the most important factor in your satisfaction? (text box)
7. From the projects [Target Name] has completed for you, which of the following were you most satisfied with? (list your key value props)
8. In particular, what about the project satisfied you the most?(text box)
9.Of the projects [Target Name] has performed, which of the following were you least satisfied with? (list your value props)
10. In particular, what about the project satisfied you the least? (text box)
11. [Target Name] values me as a client (agreement 5-point scale)
12. I plan to continue working with [Target Name] (agreement 5-point scale)
13.How likely are you to recommend [Target Name} to a colleague or peer? (10 point NPS scale)
14. In a few words, what does [Target Name] do well? (Text Box)
15.In a few words, how could [Target Name] improve? (Text Box)

I hope this can help someone in their diligence or post-acquisition customer experience efforts. We're collecting responses now and I'll try to remember to post results in the comment thread.