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This multi-trade service business has an 80% recurring client base and a 33% 3-Year average profit margin! With an incredibly versatile team of employees in place, 90% of their work is self-performed. They offer complete mechanical, electrical, and automation design, installation, and maintenance, as well as steel erection, concrete foundations, design build, and heavy equipment installation. The team of employees is incredibly versatile, with the ability to transition from trade to trade very easily. They have 25+ recurring clients with most of them having an MSA in place. In other cases, even though there is no contract in place, this company is their contractor of choice. The company started performing more mechanical services a few years ago, resulting in higher net income and profit margins. As they continue to do more on the mechanical side in the coming years, a new owner can expect to see profit margins and net income continue to increase, as profit margins from mechanical work is 35%, compared to 15% from general contracting services. There is tremendous room for expansion into the mechanical side, which currently accounts for only 9% of the business, but has a higher profit margin than the other services they provide.

Located near Charleston, South Carolina, the company operates from a two-acre property including four buildings. The seller owns the real estate and would rent it to the next owner for $3,500/month. The highly skilled and experienced team includes the Owner/President (who is willing to stay on as President or GM if desired by Buyer), 2 Project Managers, 3 Superintendents (2 of which are Assistant Project Managers), 1 Bookkeeper, and 1 Office Manager/Safety Coordinator.

Work is steady throughout the year and most projects are completed within a 100-mile radius of the office; temperatures in the area are generally in the 40’s-80’s, so they rarely have to hold jobs due to weather delays. There are no licenses limiting geographical expansion.

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