Now is the time to get your deals done, never has there been more favorable times to get transactions done.

1) Reserve ratios are 0%.
2) Fed rates are 0%
3) Many of the big banks are well capitalized and are "flush with cash, ready to do deals"
4) Equity prices are slashed globally, companies that were just 2 months ago, well capitalized, are ready to sell at firesale prices.
5) More motivated sellers and lower valuations for privately held companies
6) Government funding[redacted]months of payroll for free (to start - PPP will probably have more stages later)

Who's moving forward with deals and building wealth? If you're half adept you should be able to build a 8-9 figure net worth doing M&A on undervalued assets in the next 6-24 months. What hesitations do people have? What friction points are there in getting your deals done?

I'm actively looking for equity investment opportunities in well priced, privately held acquisition transactions. If you need an equity investor, please let me know. Preference for B2B, Healthcare, blue collar, manufacturing type transactions. Have high 8 figures of capital to deploy on the right transactions. Send me a 1-2 page summary on your deal - [redacted] I'll reach out with further questions, or submit through SCP's site:

NOTES, SEND a docusign prefilled, Sahara Capital Partners, LLC, 3750 Las Vegas Blvd S, Ph. #4702, Las Vegas NV[redacted]with my name on it, I'm not wasting time filling out 100 NDAs for deals that half the time end up being shit.