A few months ago, Searchers on Searchfunder.com listed "lack of funds" as a major reason they weren't kicking off a full-time search. We want to help fix that!

Search Investment Group ("SIG", searchinvestgroup.com) is excited to announce the new Full Service - Funded program for self-funded searchers!

The program includes:

> Monthly $2,###-###-#### stipend for living expenses during your search

> Covers 100% of all of your Quality of Earnings (QofE) fees

> Covers 100% of all deal legal fees

> Provides SIG's core services, credibility, support, and partnership

This program dramatically reduces personal capital barriers to entry needed to run a serious full-time search. Best of all, joining the program won't subject you to the punitive investor terms of traditional search. You will maintain a large % of common equity ownership and control of your acquired business. More information on the program and SIG can be found here: https://www.searchinvestgroup.com/why

We are selecting a small number of searchers on a rolling basis.

All candidates should apply through our contact form and select "SIG Full-Service Search Candidate":