Hi everyone, I wanted to make sure the community is aware of the upcoming ETA event at the University of Minnesota this Thursday, November 16 at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. It's going to be short (4-7p with happy hour to follow), free, and full of practical advice!

Here's the agenda:
1. Overview of ETA by me!
2. Case Study in Acquisition by ^Searchfunder member
3. Panel of ETA advisors featuring ^Searchfunder member‌, ^Searchfunder member‌, ^Searchfunder member‌ and others
4. Panel of Acquirers featuring ^Searchfunder member‌, ^Searchfunder member‌, and others.

T‌here will be great networking as well, as I am seeing RSVPs from such community luminaries as ^Searchfunder member‌, ^Searchfunder member‌, ^Searchfunder member‌, ^Searchfunder member‌, ^Searchfunder member‌, ^Searchfunder member‌, ^Searchfunder member‌ and many, many more! Hope to see you there, and please feel free to spread the word as we try to drive engagement and community within the ETA space here in the Twin Cities!‌

Register here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1-cYa1KGbDDHxID-6S8wdPB0vFI-07AFE0SF9aC6yiDY/. Thanks!