In this week’s podcast episode, I'm joined by Mike Zani, CEO of The Predictive Index, one of the most widely used personality profiling tools in the world, serving more than 9,000 customers across 142 countries globally.

Mike also happens to have purchased The Predictive Index from its original founders in 2014 through a search fund, which represented his third search fund-sourced acquisition in his 20-year career as a Searcher, Entrepreneur and CEO.

We spent about half of our discussion digging into the merits and risks of using personality profiling tools when making hiring decisions, including when they’re likely to work, when they may not work, how to know which personality profile to target for any given role, how we might use similar tools in our personal relationships, and so on.

We spent the other half of our conversation talking about his lessons, regrets, and reflections as an entrepreneur and CEO spanning 20 years, 3 companies, and 3 search fund acquisitions. We focused specifically on hiring and working with a partner, given that Mike is one of few people who has done both a solo and partnered search, and is therefore able to speak to the merits and risks of both approaches from first-hand experience.

Link is below: Please enjoy!

Mike Zani, CEO of The Predictive Index: Hiring, Personality Profiling Tools, Working with a Partner, and Other Lessons from 20 Years as a CEO