Seeking capital.
SearchFunders, I have a Metal Services Center under LOI in Tennessee at a 4.3x EBITDA multiple and the semi-Absentee Seller is gifting his Operator son 15% roll-over equity in the transaction. The sale is contingent on the son staying in place long-term and he's eager to grow the business exponentially. The company eclipsed $10M in sales last year and $1.5-$2M in EBITDA (QoE underway) with only 5 FTEs and 6 PTEs. I DM'd over 230 SearchFunder Investors. If you are an Investor and I missed you, please feel free to connect. If you are a NON-SBA Lender, I'd be interested in discussing options for senior debt. If you are an Alternate Capital Provider, I'd be interested in discussing what you have to offer.

Tennessee, USA
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