This week, I was thrilled to be joined by Andy Johns, an expert on the topic of Mental Health for High Achievers. In our discussion today, we cover:

(1) Ambition, including how to know when it’s serving you versus when it’s not
(2) Why we often tie our overall sense of fulfillment and identity to the concept of regular achievement
(3) Common sources of anxiety for high achievers, including anxiety's helpful and less helpful forms
(4) How to know when you’re experiencing more than a “normal” level of anxiety
(5) How to go about finding a therapist
(6) Perfectionism: Is it a net-positive or net-negative thing for entrepreneurs and CEOs to possess?
(6) Balancing striving vs. self-acceptance: At what point do we continue to work on our imperfections, and at what point do we simply accept them for what they are?

Please enjoy! Link is below:

Mental Health for High Achievers