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Our client is a B2B OEM (original equipment manufacturer) of a patented groundbreaking packaging technology that facilitates a secure, traceable, and reusable end-to-end transport solution for expensive medical therapies and products that rely on the cold chain. They are interested in finding a strategic buyer that will help them refine the software, hardware certifications, and build inventory to further capitalize on their small-ish revenue generating pilots with Fortune 500 Customers. The principals may consider a sale of the Company, to include the firm and all product rights as well, so minority, majority, whatever is clever. Our client’s product is a portable refrigerator and freezer that provides remote tracking, monitoring and Chain-of-Custody for therapeutics and vaccines. It protects temperature sensitive medical therapeutics such as COVID-19 Vaccines, Biological and Cellular Therapies as well as controlled substances that are being distributed and need to be stored at remote, last mile locations. A user portal to the product is available through a website and mobile App. The product can be used for Clinical Trials, Home Infusion, Compounding Pharmacies delivering to the home, Academic Research Laboratories and Consumer applications. Our client’s product is the smallest, most portable system available, with the longest autonomy (time between recharges, >96hrs) and built for durability and reliability by the best thermal engineers on the planet. Designed for both transport in an airline cabin or as air cargo freight, it is an all-in-one solution that provides security, real-time alerts, and traceability for temperature sensitive medical products. This system enables better health care delivery by making the cold chain possible in places where there is limited to no cold chain or electrical infrastructure. By utilizing less than 2W/Hr, it can easily be recharged with a small solar panel. Demo units of the product are available The product’s software platform was developed from scratch. This application is primarily API-driven. Our client deploys the application platform using Amazon EKS, a service for hosting applications deployed with Kubernetes, a system designed for orchestrating Docker containers. The product’s data platform uses Amazon Kinesis for streaming data. This provides the advantage of allowing mobile devices to directly publish to the event store using AWS SDKs. The application layer will include a consumer component that will take events from the event store and write them to the database. Our client will use Amazon Aurora with the Postgres backend, including the PostGIS extension for reasoning over geospatial data. Postgres is a highly reliable and well-structured database, and Amazon Aurora applies greater guarantees of availability, redundancy, and performance underneath it. NDA is required to secure comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners. Detailed Information Facilities: N/A – portable worldwide. Growth & Expansion: This is a huge impact investment for any developing country and will also yield tremendous growth potential in the developing world as the IoT, Home Delivery, and Tele-Health segments continue to grow rapidly. Financing: If the price and deal structure is right. Support & Training: As needed. Reason for Selling: Worldwide expansion and domination.

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