I am looking at an asset-light mechanical systems installation business and I would need financing to bride the gap, both debt and equity.

The business is UK based and the majority shareholder (60%) has indicated a £400k price for the entire business.
The minority owner (40%) wants to remain as a manager which is an ideal situation as far as I'm concerned although I would like to dilute him down with an earn out but keep him motivated. I am having a call next week with all parties to understand their situations. The minority owner can't afford to buy the majority owner out.

Please email me at [redacted] if interested in learning more.

Even if I miss this opportunity I like the niche and will target a proprietary search in this industry.

The sale can be either an asset sale or share sale. Assets: £100k estimate but no fixed assets Revenue: £850k in 2020 EBITDA: £120k in 2020 Acquisition price TBC