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Broadtree is looking for MBA interns to work with us 'virtually' for credit throughout the Spring and Summer to support GP-level assignments. This entails LBO modeling, fundraising, market research, sourcing and communicating with business owners, Due Diligence research, reviewing information from a variety of intermediaries, and confirming details from our internal pipeline.

We are a searchfund accelerator founded in 2016 and based in the Southeast. Our team members have MBAs from University of Virginia, Darden School of Business, Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School, Booth at Chicago, Haas at Berkeley, Sloan at MIT, and Kellogg at Northwestern. They have experience in start-ups, turn-arounds, engineering, government, military, consulting, IB, M&A, operating companies as CEO or CTO, and successful exits from their companies (selling to bigger investors).

Requirements: Previous experience in finance is preferred.

Credit is preferred: If your school offers course credit we will work with you and them to try to get you credit for this internship.

We work out of offices in TX, SC, NC, NY, CA, and GA but many of these roles can be done 'virtually' so location does not matter. Though there is no set schedule from the start we expect to plan one with you individually with a goal of 20 hours and a minimum of 15 hours each week.

Please use this link to apply for the position: