Hello searchfunder community. Just a quick thank you to everyone here for making the space a positive and supportive community. The people and resources here got me across the line in my self-funded search. If I can be helpful to anyone on their own journey, my door is open to you.

My ask: does anyone know folks in the ETA community at UCLA or USC?

I recently completed a self-funded search in May###-###-#### As many others, I quickly became underwater with day-to-day. I'm looking to hire an intern that can take on some special projects. Things like - pricing/margin study, customer cohort analysis, email campaign audit, financial modeling,

The business is a pro-sumer saas platform used by freelance photographers. We also have an e-commerce component. As a result, we are a very data-rich company. We have begun to build a data engineering pipeline with a tableau front-end. The farm is fertile for someone that's facile with data and hungry to analyze.

I'm in Los Angeles and the company is remote-only. But I would like for the candidate to spend at least 2 days/wk with me in person.

This would be a great opportunity for a current MBA student at UCLA/Anderson or USC/Marshall. An opportunity to learn about both ETA and SaaS/ecommerce. And to get extremely hands-on analytical reps.

JD and applications instructions here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1A9oCoZNtxtI7gyxLaN97Nr7M8ol5WEJj4LyfjDX4cJ8/edit