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Late last year, country singer Charlie Pride passed away. At one point, he was the top act at RCA Victor records. However, when he first launched his country music career, his manager sent out his 1965 first single without publicity photos. Today, we'd like to think that such considerations don't happen. BIPOC searchers must weigh, for example, the benefits and detriments of placing their photo on their search fund website. This week, we will explore this and other challenges faced by BIPOC searchers. Last month marked our first ever women of color in search meetup with special guest ^[redacted]‌. It was so successful that it is now a recurring monthly event.

It's been a while since we've had a Getting the Most out of Searchfunder session. I'll answer all of your questions then. Also, I always reserve time after each live stream session for questions about Searchfunder and search funds in general. So, feel free to join me at the end of any session.

If you're exploring your options for launching a search fund, you want to be sure to join us for our special panel on the economics of Self-Funding vs. Incubator vs. Traditional Model.

In May we also continue to bring you information and insights on operating your small to medium sized business with Insurance 101 for search funds, So, I bought a Landscaping Company. Now what? with ^[redacted]‌, Using Traditional sales Methods for to your online business with ^[redacted]‌ and Lesson Learned as CEO with ^[redacted]‌

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