Looking for a buyer.
I am happy to give this software to someone to run. I have PE experience and started this two years ago, went through a pre-accelerator, have clients on a list that have expressed interest. I have to give it up due to moving to provide end of life care. This is listed on acquire.com but the buyers have not been of high quality. If you feel you can run this (software is built out, it is functioning) - I am happy to give you majority equity, myself and my partner remain on the cap table, and we help you scale. Otherwise, I am happy to sell it in totality too - just looking for the right person here. Listing can be found below for deeper detail (I can email you it if you don't have access) https://app.acquire.com/startup/T1yQLnBj3iUjNZ32VLmC2PYpajX2/HXs7VsdoPZP0zdYFI9DJ

listing type
exclusive representation
Chicago, IL
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