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This SaaS Company is the leader in providing digital publishing solutions that help brands create an elevated reading experience that meets the expectations of mobile-first, digital natives. When launching the Company nearly two decades ago, the founding partners saw an opportunity to digitize entire publications to serve the needs of digital-focused publishers and content creators. Today, the Company’s software platforms enjoy over one million readers every month. Through its customer licensing arrangements, the Company’s industry leading digital publishing platforms allow its clients the ability to design digital content by providing tools to create high-quality, engaging digital content experiences. Searchable content helps readers quickly find the content they need. Additionally, the Company’s platforms provide insightful analytics for their customer’s content. These insights go well beyond traditional PDF metrics (number of downloads). Instead, these tools help their clients better understand how readers are engaging with content and for how long. The company employs a long-tenured leadership team and a permanent staff of creative strategists, developers, and designers, committed to moving the business forward. This company would be an attractive investment opportunity for an investment buyer due to the Company’s industry leading digital publishing platforms, strong tenured leadership and operations team, and high growth potential, or for a company already in the software or publishing industry, seeking to invest in a cutting-edge, complimentary, or supplementary line of business.

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