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This business manufactures and fabricates stone (cast stone) for the exterior walls of commercial buildings. Their clients are B2B with the mason or GC being the client, not the end user. They have a 90% repeat customer base where more than 75% is municipal government work. This business is recession proof due to the recent infrastructure bill passed which will continue to provide more work. The organization has nearly 20 employees with experts in management including production manager, plant manager, supply manager; along with 1 drafter, 1 sales rep, 2 mold shop and 12 plant production workers. This team allows the current owner to only work###-###-#### hours handling bookkeeping and some deliveries out of personal preference. The seller has offered a training period of 1-2 years to ensure a smooth transition of ownership as well as 12.5% seller financing or equity roll as a show of good faith and ongoing vested interest in the continued success of the business after sale. This Chicago based establishment has services utilized by museums and multi-family housing units for more eye-catching stones by creating a mold and color matching the original stones, which may no longer be available and their nearest competition is 30 miles away. With over $2M in assets and a 17,000 square feet location that is not near its maximum capacity this opportunity is 80% collateralized by the assets included in the sale and this operation has significant room for continual growth. Thanks to their tight service area in Chicagoland and the fact that they do not self-perform any installation or labor, this manufacturer has an excellent profit margin of 32%! Priced at $2,450,000 this business is ready for a new owner to step in and continue operating on the foundation laid before them. With an excellent staff, reputation that’s been established since 2010, and large warehouse with a significant amount of unused space, this niche business is primed to offer new ownership exponential growth opportunities with minimal additional investments needed.

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