Looking for a buyer.
I am looking to connect with a searcher in the Dallas area (with the below attributes) to discuss a proprietary deal I am in contact with. This is a 50 year old business that manufactures and distributes an agricultural product. Nationally, the industry consists of dozens of local/regional operators (no national player). Increased focus on sustainability and environment should be a tailwind for the industry. About 30 people. Owner is running the day to day and is key so needs to be replaced within 1 year post close. Ideal searcher/operator is: 1. based in Dallas 2. has proven sales ability 3. familiarity / comfort in dealing with large pieces of equipment (i.e. maintenance schedules, troubleshooting, etc.). 4. operator who wants to be outside on job sites / with customers for the majority of the day (think GC construction environment--though the business has nothing to do with construction). 5. Interest in investing personal capital, or capital on behalf of a limited number of investors. If this fits you, please send me an email at --@----.com or call###-###-#### I likely will not check to see responses to this post).

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