I've recently moved to Sudbury, a town in Ontario with a lot of retirees and an economy heavily supported by the mining industry. I currently am doing sales B2B in the industrial parks doing sales for another business and naturally meet owners who are looking to retire in the coming years. There are very few listed deals from this city. I'm looking to make some extra money and want to see if my connections with local business owners could be of use to searchers or investors. I am looking to work on a commission or part-time basis with some searchers or investors. Message me to speak further!

I only have self-taught knowledge in PE but I think there is not much PE going on here and there are a ton of retirees who have grown up in the city who aren't overly aware of their succession options. My background is in tech so I also recognize the opportunity to digitize most of the businesses here. I also am knowledgeable of the government funding available in Ontario related to the skilled trades, manufacturing, or EV.