Looking to invest in a profitable LLC/LP, currently paying US taxes of at least $1MM or is guaranteed to pay greater than that amount in 2021

I am an entrepreneur who has strategic financial assets (ie. tax credits) I can bring to any business, that will make you instantly more profitable. In addition, if I believe in You and your business, I will be glad to invest money, with the proper paperwork. And finally, I will work for Free for a limited period of time, to show you my worth and that I can add value to your business

Does this come with caveats, of course, so here they are

a) Your business must be a legitimate enterprise (LLC,LP,) That Pays Taxes In The United States and has taxable income of at least close to $1MM+ - This will not make sense for a a start-up or a business even making 500k. The pre-tax income can include salaries of all partners and whatever bonuses are paid out

b) Proper paper-work must be done and if we decide to dissolve this arrangement before a year, there will be slight penalties, but I can still guarantee that you will be have had more money than you would have if you never met me

c) After a year, we can re-negotiate the terms of the deal, if you truly believe I am adding value , it will be very easy to put together something that benefits both of us. If not, and you wish to dissolve the partnership, simply return my investment with interest, no penalties, and I still Guarantee that you will come out financially ahead thru the use of my strategic assets

I have been on Wall Street for over 20 years, started several businesses of my own and have a CPA, so I am confident I can add value to you on the business side. I also have a strong penchant for sales and marketing, so if you have a business that requires you to be out in the field (ie . Construction, Manufacturing), think of me as someone who can run the business end of your business

You retain control of all books and records and ownership, so there is no shady stuff on my end

I am simply an entrepreneur, looking for the right opportunity, with the right business and the right partner(s) that wants to continue growing something great together and generate even more profits than he has today. This structure can work for the following:

a) Recently acquired businesses that are going to be profitable in 2021

b) Looking to sell a business - this can be a VERY attractive after-tax structure for your exit

c) Partner with an Acquirer to make deal tax efficient and leverage future cash flows

Again, this post is 100% legit, if you reply (or wish to pass this along to someone who is in the position to utilize this), please respond back with the following

a) Type of business b) General Location and state where majority of taxes are paid c) Taxable income for 2017 and 2018 d) Business Structure (LP, LLC, ) e) Business Goals (Expansion, Sell in a few years, Status Quo) - this is optional

If we agree that it makes sense to continue speaking further, I am happy to sign a standard NDA, as I am looking for only One opportunity with the right business and looking for something that will hopefully last for years to come