Self funded, solo-searcher based in Austin, Texas. New to the forum and open to meeting fellow searchers and potentially investors.

Objective is to buy a company and build on top of existing cashflow and customer base.

Target is: USA based B2B product or service business primed expansion of customer base and innovation in business model or offering set. Ideal fit has strong, diversified customer base and $1-$5 million in EBITDA, and an impact component (benefitting employees, the community, or world).

Initial plan was to self fund a smaller acquisition with cash, SBA 7A, and seller paper, however, I am now open to partner with the right strategic equity investors to pursue a larger business.

About me: I am a tri-citizen of the USA, Canada, and the UK. Have started, grown, and sold 2 businesses (one was service business I started, second was product manufacturing and distribution I carved out of a larger co and turned around), and have spent 15 years in software, emerging tech and innovation. Helped a few small companies scale. Led turnaround of failing or stalled large ($10M+) AI/ML and digital transformation projects in Fortune 50's around the world during my time at IBM.

Look forward to meeting you all!