My co-founder and I have built software that automates an analysis called proof-of-cash. This is typically a big component of a qualify-of-earnings. It uncovers whether the business's income statement can be easily reconciled back to cash transactions in its bank accounts. Often it uncovers issues in whether the income statement can be trusted. If the product works as intended, our future goal is to offer this as a product to help make the industry more efficient.

I thought that the users of Searchfunder might be good groups to help us test out the software. We'd be happy to offer it for free to searchers, brokers or owners. Right now, it works with Quickbooks Online only.

One qualification: we're not looking to replace a full due diligence and we're not going to warranty anything. Rather, we can help highlight issues quickly before you spend a lot of money on professional services.

Please reach out to me here or at Thank you in advance!