We are looking to sell our business, which currently offers virtual team building events (primarily via Zoom), after 4+ years of offering in person team events. Our revenue totals are stable from[redacted] ($550-600k/year). With the pivot to virtual events in March 2020, our profit margins have significantly increased due to a simpler operating structure.

Many prospective buyers thus far require an SBA loan, and we've begun to engage with lenders to get a loan estimate and/or pre-qualification for our business.

Does anyone know of any lenders that would be a good fit for this profile:
- $1.4M asking price
- Current business line: virtual team events, with a profitable in-person product line dormant and available to the new owner
- San Francisco based business
- Willing to finance a deal with a significant business change ~12 months ago, and improved financials during the pandemic

Beyond that, if anyone is aware of any other approaches we can take to finance a deal for non-cash buyers, please do share. Thanks!