I'm hoping to connect with investors/business owners who have successfully purchased more than one small business and been able to do so without buying a job. What types of businesses best lend themselves to this sort of model? I'm located in a rural area of New England, am geographically constrained due to family, currently have two small, part-time businesses that do not require a ton of time. I have bandwidth and some capital of my own to work with. There are not a ton of larger (lower middle market) businesses in my immediate area and what I see are far more 'Main Street" businesses for sale. I was hoping to find a smaller business to buy that I could do so on my own (no outside capital) in the $150k - $300k SDE range and ideally set it up so it runs itself, or at least the day-to-day. Then I'd like to repeat that model. What holds me back is my fear of buying a job and losing time with a daily commute. In theory, with enough cash flow, I could hire a manager or develop one from within. I feel like certain industries with simpler business models lend themselves better to this model and I'm hoping to find some people who have real world experience here. It seems businesses like retail or those with storefronts where customers come to the business would be simpler than service-based business that go to the customers location like home services. I have a background in online marketing so Internet businesses like e-comm are also appealing in that they could be relocated. I've also thought about small manufacturers that sell only online (no physical storefront) if I can find a way to outsource or avoid having to make the widgets myself.

It feels like I've been stuck at this juncture for way too long as the fear of making the wrong decision keeps me from making any. I believe if I can find others who have done what I'd like to do and I can learn from that, it may help me avoid making mistakes that would cost me time. Thank you in advance to anyone who reaches out either in the comments or directly at --@----.com