Searchfunder friends,

I recently made the decision to pursue a self-funded search after a 10+ year career in manufacturing/operations, most recently as the Chief Operating Officer of a small business in the DFW area. Prior to that I held various other roles of increasing scope and responsibilities, leading teams of up to a couple hundred and managing tens of millions in spending budgets. I believe my background has set me up for success to acquire and grow a business.

I'm working to develop a network of investors who might be willing to invest along side me as I come across opportunities. I do have a few specific parameters that I know might limit my search, but am willing to make that sacrifice for personal reasons.

Please shoot over a DM or drop your email in the comments if you'd be willing to chat. Thanks!

-Size: $300k-$750k EBITDA
-Industry: Fairly industry agnostic at this point, but plan to narrow this down as the search progresses.
-Location: Dallas-Fort Worth