To intern hunters and anyone else whom it concerns--

(TLDR abstract: I am an undergraduate business student at Georgetown University looking for a challenging yet rewarding internship which will provide learning opportunities and professional experience. I am willing to start anytime! contact: LinkedIn:

Hello! My name is Eric Whang and I am an undeclared business student studying concepts in Finance, Accounting, and Operations & Analytics. Although I have not yet declared my major, I know that I want to work in fields like investment banking, private equity, venture capital, or management consulting. I came into university with a passion to quickly pick up skills like financial analysis and valuation modeling, as well as softer skills like client liaison and presenting deliverables. To demonstrate experience and my drive to continuously learn and connect with others, I have become a member of two influential organizations here on Georgetown's campus-- the Georgetown University Student Investment Fund (GUSIF), which manages a 1M+ portfolio using a long-only, value-based investing strategy, and Innovo Consulting, a pro bono student-led consulting firm that targets both smaller non-profits in the DC area and larger corporate clients (this semester we're helping Hoya alums SweetGreen, and last semester was Pfizer)!

Using my experience and the skills I've gained here at Georgetown so far, I would love to work in the wide variety of opportunities presented to me here on Searchfunder. I will also blend my pre-professional skills with my unique background as a musician and songwriter, which has allowed me to become a creative thinker, strong self-learner, and enthusiastic cooperator. My interests range across industries, from media & telecom to tech and retail.

Please do not hesitate to check out my LinkedIn profile and you can reach me at Thank you for your time.