I'm looking for Engineering Firms and/or Marketing Firms that service that industry.


We have a structural engineering company that's looking to bring more companies "into the fold" for capabilities we currently subcontract. Therefore, we're looking for...

- Solo engineers looking to retire in a few years to be acqui-hired / earnout. We want to buy their clients / relationships but it'll take some time for their clients to get comfortable with us. Therefore, it's a multi-year process here.
- Outright engineering firms with full processes / systems / staff in place. Not ideal because we'd be overpaying by acquiring companies that have the infrastructure we've built anyway. But it's on the list.
- Marketing firms that service this sector exclusively. We do some marketing for our subcontractors / industry connections already, and think buying a marketing firm will get us in front of a lot more relationships faster without having to build that function in-house.

Budget: Anything between $500k up to $2.5 Million for now. Some deals larger than this will be considered but we'd have to get creative with financing it.

If you have any deals in inventory or see anything, please reach out (or message me for my direct email)