I’ve met a lot of good bankers over the past year while trying to navigate the messy world of the lower micro cap market. All of them have been very helpful during the search process, however, no one has been more instrumental than my main man ^Searchfunder member‌ at Byline bank.

Karl was hands-on from the moment I had deals under LOI, providing direct feedback about any chinks in the armor and hosting meetings in preparation for the tough questions that would come from the credit committee.

Karl also played a pivotal role during rough patches with the seller amid the negotiations of the final terms. Sellers of the companies targeted by searchers are often unaware of how these deals are typically structured, and this gets compounded when they are surrounded by advisors that are unable to educate them. Karl went above and beyond by participating in joint seller/broker discussions, where he was viewed as an unbiased 3rd party, which helped alleviate some of the gridlocks encountered during the deal.

Ladies and gentlemen of the searcher community, if you’re looking for a banker that will help get your deal across the finish line then I highly recommend you consider ^Searchfunder member‌ as an option. I’ll be forever grateful for his help and it’s only right that I share my experience with Karl with other searchers.