Hello All,

This is my first post. If there is any violation of community rules, happy to correct.

I am the founder of Moative. Before Moative, our current founding team built and sold a tech company (marketplace for software development - Bootstrapped) and a data company (we tracked 9M eCom companies - venture-funded). So, we know how to operate certain kinds of companies.

This time we want to combine our operating skills and AI capabilities and apply them to small businesses. We are looking for partners.

Some examples of partnerships we are pursuing:

1. Accounting firms that specialize in one vertical (say, taxes for travel nurses). Our goal would be to invest and also build an AI co-pilot for tax compliance
2. Legal firms that specialize in say, class action suits or frauds. Here too our goal will be to invest and also build a co-pilot for drafting, case research etc.
3. Partnering with SMBs in specific industries to augment their team with AI workflows and then use it as a template to launch an AI workflow system for that industry

What can we. bring to table?

1. We have done 0-$10M scale. We know how to navigate this stage well
2. Very strong software, AI, and math background
3. Strong product marketing experience, especially for software products
4. We have built###-###-#### member teams in India several times over in the last 20 years

I look forward to conversations, if anyone is intrigued by our approach.