Hi searchers and would-be searchers,

The price of crude oil dropped by 30%. Global stock market is experiencing shocks. WHO declared coronavirus as a pandemic on March[redacted]EST. These events may hit some industries hard, and create new opportunities among crisis, panic and chaos.

I have some ideas of growing a franchise brand, and have explained the strategy in fine details to two investors/business owners. Both of them have run private companies with hundreds of millions of equity. They like the ideas, and have agreed to invest up to 4 million USD when a suitable deal is found. I am talking with more potential investors to get a large pool of fund in case the deal is bigger. When the strategy is well executed, it has potential for very high growth in ebitda in an often overlooked industry.

My strategy is resilient and I have contingency plans ready after taking over the business, should coronavirus becomes even worse. I have been working with suppliers to get the supply ready in UK, Germany, US, and Australia. We can have supply ready in Canada and other countries if there is a suitable searcher in that country. My strategy does not rely on coronavirus. When the pandemic is over, the strategy will create value in normal business environment. The pandemic just creates more opportunities of acquisition as some brand owners may not consider selling their business otherwise.

I am based in Sydney, Australia, have a family here, and am working on a franchise brand in this industry now. It is not practical for me to relocate to another country.

I am looking for a searcher in Canada to launch a search fund, and lead the acquired company in this industry. Keen to connect with fellow searchers considering franchise business model. I don't have large amount of money to invest, but will be interested in a small sweat equity in the acquired company. I will help you with fund raising, search criteria, and execution of business strategy after acquisition. You will be the CEO.

I have talked with a retired senior executive in Canada. She likes the idea but wants to enjoy life stress free. She will speak with a friend and see whether her friend is interested to be the searcher.
Looking forward to hearing from you.