There are high school and college students who pay for access to internships. Anyone looking for some free, enthusiastic labor this summer? My friend Joel Butterly started InGenius Prep, and they have a product for ambitious students to "buy" experience working for free - hard to believe, I know.

Here's the blurb:

"Our company - InGenius Prep ( - operates a program wherein high school and college students are placed as unpaid interns in a wide variety of industries and companies.

The way it works: Companies can choose between Standard Internships, Advanced Internships, or both.

  • Standard Intern: companies set "minimum qualifications" for an intern to join, and if a student meets those qualifications, they take on the intern if they have space, and our company pays the employer up to $2,000 (students are paying for the work experience).

  • Advanced Intern: companies set higher requirements (e.g., has work experience in relevant industry, major in econ, college students only), and we refer interested students for you to interview. Companies are not paid if they accept an intern through this program, only the Standard.

If you're interested, please email the founder - "