I'm mainly active on Twitter (@jd_foote), and have lurked here for a while... I thought it was about time to say hello.

I live with my young family in New Zealand, where I have several SMB investments (landscaping and swimming pool construction, electrical and HVAC, mental health billing, excavator rental), but am increasingly active in the USA, where I've put money into an outdoor structure business (I was the sole equity investor for two searchers), a manufacturing business and a franchisor (independent sponsor deals), and am in the process of another search investment.

An operating partner and I are setting up a psychology / autism clinic in the Midwest, and I'm also actively searching for an SMB doing up to 2m in EBITDA - looking particularly at medical billing and mental health clinic businesses but open to any good SMB! I have one operating partner lined up, but would be glad to make connections with any searchers who could be interested when I get a business under LOI. I'm looking across the USA, as the location obviously isn't a critical consideration for me personally, living on the other side of the world.

I'd love to hear from any other investors or searchers, and am more than happy to give my two cents on deals, if another pair of eyes could be helpful.