I bought my small business https://trellisstructures.com 14 months ago, and it is going fairly smoothly. We made it through the first year and our sales pipeline is looking pretty healthy, plus we have lots of expansion plans, and would like to get it to $5M=$10M in sales over the next 3-5 years where I could see either an exit or long term hold play

I would love to build a hold-co or roll-up of synergistic businesses, and especially something NYC-metro based where Trellis is well poised to made big market headway. That said, This is not a full time venture for me. My team keeps things running smoothly, but the majority of my time is focused on New Majority Capital. So if I want to do more deals in NY, I need a biz partner to do this who is in it for sweat equity like I am and can see the big picture.

Ideally someone with the capacity to put some financial skin in the game. Bonus points if you have a Nassau county contractor's license, but definitely not required. I might even be open to considering totally different ventures that aren't obviously synergistic, if it makes sense financially and we can share back office resources.

send me a DM if you're interested.