I live in San Diego, I'm interested in Search, but want to do it locally. San Diego seems like it's big enough to manage a successful local search given the right network and investors. So, who should I talk with?

Who has done a local search and can share advice?
Who invests in San Diego, and can help me navigate?
Who is operating in San Diego, and can make introductions?

I'm happy to be helpful however I can in exchange (probably product, engineering, or design)!

Quick about me:
I currently lead product and growth at an early stage AI infrastructure company where I helped grow revenue from ~100k/year to ~$3M/year in less than a year, profitably ;). Previously, I helped lead product for the $80m/year mid-market business unit at the prop-tech company Appfolio. I spent 3 years at Facebook working on AI infrastructure, product and data operations, and user feedback and spent 4 years working in finance for the US Navy, in between I got my MBA from Dartmouth.