I’m preparing to make an LOI on an asset-rich company in Texas and am interested in insights from the searcher community on loan options. My intent has always been to use SBA financing, but I’m interested in the community’s thoughts on approaching banks for more conventional loan products considering the amount of inventory? Any insights or thoughts you guys have would be helpful! Thank you!

Established and respected tree nursery and wholesaler, supplying potted trees to nurseries, commercial contractors, landscape contractors, and garden centers across Texas. Revenue comes from 90% recurring business from a broad customer base. The company is operated by a mature management team and sits on a multi-acre parcel of land in a high-growth Texas suburb. Current inventory is more than 30,000 trees in varying stages of production.

Established: 1981 Location: High-growth Texas suburb Employees: 11 (including 2-person management team) Revenue: $732,877 EBITDA: $288,917
Purchase Price: $700k-$1,000k Inventory: 33,300 marketable potted trees (valued at $2MM) Real Estate: Appraised at $3.5MM, available to purchase or lease Owner/Seller: Company is owned by the Founder’s estate. Estate is controlled by founder’s children who both own separate companies. Company has been fully operated by management team since founder’s passing in 2018.