Enough Chutzpah to be the boss?New Livestream guest-> Mason Harris, The Chutzpah Guy!I’m happy to have Mason Harris join me on a live broadcast.Mason Harris is a motivational speaker and author.Tune in and as we’ll be discussing Chutzpah, Guts, Stones, Balls, whatever you want to call it. I read the book and I liked it.This is a ‘must see event’ for anyone who needs to do something that is a little scarry.Be sure to join live so that you can ask questions, replay will be available.Set yourself a reminder on YouTube here: [https://youtu.be/SW8U5AZqRDg]We’ll be going live July 18, 2022 at 6pm Atlantic, 5pm eastern and 2 PM Pacific TimeSee you there!David C Barnett
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