We're Compiling a Great DEAL SOURCE L:IST.

Do you have a list of Deal networks (sources you go to when you are looking for a specific deal)? Contribute yours, I will add mine, and I'll add everyone else's contributions to create a Master Deal Source List. I'll also do some research and add some commentary - so it becomes a useful list when you are looking to pick up a deal. I will share this list with everyone that contributes.

We are currently looking to buy two very specific companies (Virtual Receptionist businesses - what they used to call "answering services" in the old days). We're having trouble finding enough deal flow to fill these two deals. We've got committed capital, committed debt, the team is lined up... but we need to find the targets. So it's time for us to improve our Master Deal Source List. I thought this would be a good way to add other's insights to our list (and also to be able to share with the community what we learn).

Rick Stark - managing partner, EPL.