Hey Folks- This week's blog post is much more personal in nature, and one that I hope has the ability to resonate with everybody (whether you're contemplating search, searching, operating, or investing).

Having worked through a handful of difficult situations over the past few years, both personally and professionally, I've learned a few major lessons related to the importance of managing my own psychology. Indeed, managing your own psychology is one of the most important skills that any CEO needs to develop.

These lessons, which I discuss in this week's post, include: 1) The perils of comparing ourselves to others, 2) Focusing only on what we can control, 3) The value of better understanding ones self, 4) The price of untethered levels of ambition, and 5) How to deal with "first world" problems.

If you're currently working through a difficult situation yourself, I hope at least something contained within will be thought provoking for you. I have, by no means, mastered any of these things. In fact, mastery of these subjects is something that will likely continue to elude all of us. But, with a bit of awareness and effort, I hope that some of these lessons can help you along the path of improvement.


Hyperlink: Lessons in Managing My Own Psychology