I've recently update this guide for learning about the EtA process with new insights.

Learning about EtA (Entrepreneurship through Acquisition) is challenging, just like searching for a business to buy! It takes persistence, perseverance, hard work and chasing down a lot of dead ends. For entrepreneurial start-ups there is a wealth of books, articles, experts, and opinion leaders, but not much information exists about searching for and buying your own company as a path to being an entrepreneur. Thorough research is essential and, as with any endeavor, the more you know about it, the better you will be at it.

Most of what EtA search is about has to be experienced through trial and error and just practice. You can’t really learn it, you just have to experience it and like any entrepreneurial venture: experiment, practice and pivot. EtA can be a decade long commitment and deserves a much higher level of investigation than making a job change. It is very difficult to “quit” after investing so much of your time and as you become a CEO, you have obligations to investors, lenders, employees, customers, vendors and the community.

Every searcher has to dig deeply to answer two major questions that all searchers have to resolve for themselves: “Is running an SME (small or medium size enterprise) right for me, and is now the right time?” Answers to these questions can be found self-reflection, conversations with other searchers, articles, case study stories of successes and more importantly failures by others.

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Search On!!!

Jim Sharpe