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We are representing a Home Construction and Solar Paneling Company that is looking to divest the entirety of their CA operations within the Homebuilder - Solar Panel industry. Foundationally, as a nationwide homebuilder and renovation firm it was soon realized that the opportunity to build the Company’s solar division within the homebuilder space could be as lucrative, if not more lucrative than the Company’s current operations within home renovations and construction (offering is for all operations related to the Solar Panel and Homebuilder industries). In 2018, California mandated that new single-family homes as well as multi-family dwellings up to three stories high, must include solar panels starting in###-###-#### This solar paneling initiative known as the “2022 Energy Code” is expected expand to require all Single-Family Residence tracts and all Commercial buildings to have a capability, and in-turn a plan, date, and installation of solar panel technologies for these structures. As the State has been implementing this Green initiative - it will be the firms that possess the foundation, capabilities, and established relationships among suppliers and homebuilders, along with the necessary tools and expertise to harness this wide-scale growth and implementation of solar technologies. Green builds and initiatives for ‘going green’ are also expected in the near future to become the norm, nationwide and as a foundation to manage and understand the marketplace within the State of CA; which can very well serve into expanding to other States and territories *OR* manage and scale within CA offering the necessary capabilities to take advantage of the numerous growth opportunities available to the Company within this marketplace now. As the solar industry is reaching a pivotal time in regards to growth and expansion, the Company is arguably the most in-demand solar installer among homebuilders in CA, where this offering is creating an opportunity and offering to take advantage of the market potential and foundation of their established reputation, processes and operations. Bullet points on the Company: -Fast growing Solar Company within the Homebuilder space holding no DEBT -Access to a marketplace that is expected to witness profound growth in the coming years unlimited opportunity for sustainability and extensive growth opportunities -Highly versatile and an ability to adjust to plans and schematics as needed by homebuilder Companies -Large scale builders now essentially dependent on the firm’s services for continuing operations -Company has been able to show a steady growth YO Y their objective being to create a strong foundation and reputation for implementing growth and scale -Elite, highly skilled and talented staff -Standardized processes, strong communications, reliability, chain of command and foundation for scale -In lieu of recent restrictions on the importing of Solar paneling technology the Company has stockpiled a runway of one year while in the meantime creating work-arounds for procuring solar paneling technology going into the future -Strong relationships with vendors offering strong pricing and access to ancillary products -Cross selling opportunities marketing lists of past clients and items that these clients will be needing in the near future Additionally noteworthy is their approach for bringing on new clients and managing the needs of these clients (homebuilders) – posing as a significant advantage during this pivotal time for home demand and green initiatives. In sum of the marginal advantages they have been able to create up to this point in time, and while operating at scale offers a profound opportunity to take this leading firm and immensely separate themselves from the rest of the Firms on solar installation landscape. NDA is required to secure comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners. Detailed Information: Facilities: Yes – can be relocated or managed from their current location Competition: Yes Growth & Expansion: Significant; potential to decidedly become the leader for solar among homebuilders in the space. Financing: Depends on structure, minimal if any. Support & Training: As needed. Reason for Selling: Retirement and relocation – divestiture of all holdings

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