My partner and I are launching a $100M US-based Private Equity fund to acquire 6 lower middle market companies with EBITDA between $2M-$5M within the Business Services Sector. We're looking for two GPs with a deep transaction diligence skillset to join us. If this intrigues you, please drop your email in the comments and I'll reach out to you directly.

I've been in the Search Fund / Independent Sponsor space since 2015 and raised over $70M across multiple deals: eCommerce, healthcare, & packaging, Most recently, I headed up M&A for a major tech company where I hired a team of investment professionals, raised $10M, and acquired 3 businesses. I'm currently completing an independent sponsor acquisition of manufacturing company in partnership with a $100M SBIC. I'm rolling my fee from that deal into this new fund and investing up to $500k to launch.

My partner in this new fund is a 40-year PE veteran who has completed 100 deals over his career, including the 2019 independent sponsor acquisition of a $90M janitorial cleaning company. Since 2019, he's add-on 5 companies and grown its workforce to nearly 2,000 employees. He's also my partner in the manufacturing deal.

We have some strong LP interest, despite the recent economic turmoils because our focus is on the enduringly profittable businesses that are rarely impacted by recessions. We expected our fund will launch before Q2 2023.

I'm really excited to get to work on this and would love to partner with some other ambitious folks. Please drop your email in the comment section if you're interested and I'll reach out.