Did you know that, on average, Searchers and Search Fund CEOs in Latin America are 30 years old and have obtained 700 in their GMAT? Did you know that about 30% of them are either ENFJ or ENTJ on MBTI? Did you know that, on average, Search Fund Investors in Latin America are 45 years old and 50% of them are ENFJ or ENTJ?

These are just basic findings withdrawn from the first call of this research. Today we make the very last call for the largest research ever done about the growth of Entrepreneurship through Acquisition (Search Funds) in Latin America. If you have any kind of role - Searcher, CEO, Investor, Broker, Professors, etc - in the region, please answer this survey or forward to your friends in Latin America:


Hosted by the Entrepreneurship Research Center of FGV Fundação Getulio Vargas we have a whole team of volunteer researchers behind it: Newton M. Campos, Paulo Roberto de Mello Abreu, Carlos Gila, Jhonathan Doria, Felipe Camara, Pedro Brendim and Vani Nadarajah. The second part of this survey will interview all respondents and results will be made public in the second semester of 2022.